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EasyDial Class

Enables this object to be engaged with as a dial.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  ImmerseSDK.Interaction
Assembly:  ImmerseSDK.App (in ImmerseSDK.App.dll) Version: (
public class EasyDial : EngageableObject

The EasyDial type exposes the following members.

Public methodEasyDial
Initializes a new instance of the EasyDial class
Public propertyCurrentAngle
Amount of rotation relative to StartAngle defined in the inspector. Only available to locally engaging users. Can be greater than 360 and less than 0.
Public propertyMaxAngleDegrees
Angle to stop rotation at
Public propertyMovementAxis
The Axis that this dial will rotate around
Public propertyMovementType
Type of movement for this dial. This is used to determine the angle of rotation as the user moves the controller.
Public propertyTransformAngle
Current rotation of the dial's transform in the scene. Available to both local and remote users. Clamped between 0 and 360 degrees.
Protected methodAwake
Public methodGetPayload
Gets the payload of the message
(Overrides EngageableObjectGetPayload(Boolean).)
Public methodIncrementAngle
Set the current Angle of the dial. Range is [0, 360).
Protected methodOnDrawGizmos
Unity component method
(Overrides EngageableObjectOnDrawGizmos.)
Protected methodOnReceiveDisengage
Called when an object engagement ends (when network message is received). Note: All users (local and remote) will receive this.
(Overrides EngageableObjectOnReceiveDisengage(Avatar, Hands, UserID, Byte).)
Protected methodOnReceiveEngage
Called when an object engagement starts (when network message is received). Note: All users (local and remote) will receive this.
(Overrides EngageableObjectOnReceiveEngage(Avatar, Hands, UserID, Byte).)
Public methodSetMaxAngle
Change the maximum allowed Angle of the dial. Range is [0, 360).
Public methodSetMovementAxis
Change the movement axis of the dial
Public methodSetNewAngle
Set the current Angle of the dial. Range is [0, 360).
Protected methodShouldAddDefaultThrowForce
Returns true if the default throw force should be added (only valid for local disengagements that has authority)
(Overrides EngageableObjectShouldAddDefaultThrowForce.)
Protected methodStart
Protected methodUpdate
Unity Component Method
(Overrides EngageableObjectUpdate.)
Protected methodUpdateRotationFromControllers
Rotates the gameObject by an amount equal to how much the users hand has moved
Public eventOnValueChanged
Fired when this dial's value changes. Please check the CurrentAngle or TransformAngle properties to get the current rotation angle.
Private field_deadZoneRadiusInMeters
Private field_handle
Private field_maxAngleDegrees
The maximum Angle that the dial will allow movement to, dial can move between 0 and the max
Private field_maximumAngleSpeedPerSecond
Private field_movementAxis
Private field_movementType
Private field_useRotationLimits
Used to set rotation limits between 0 and maxAngle
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodGetCopyOf
Copies all properties of a component from source to target. Uses reflection to set properties.
(Defined by ComponentExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodWaitForT
Waits for a singleton on a coroutine
(Defined by SingletonManager.)
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